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venus texture map

Based on a side-scanned radar information mosaic from the Magellan probe. I took the original 37Mb TIFF file, resized it, and then retouched out the data artifacts, and added some image information to the south pole region (copied from the northern pole region actually). While very close to the original data, the retouching choices made here were aesthetic, not scientific.

The 1K versions of these images are free, but bandwidth costs force me to charge for the 2K versions. Please note: When you get to the end of the PayPal process there will be a "Continue" button on the lower right side of the screen. When you click the "Continue" button you will be brought to the page on this site where you can download the larger image maps.

$8.00 US

1024 x 512 color map.

1024 x 512 grey map based on the above data.

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